Sunday, January 27, 2013

we have rekindled our love for one another...

honeynut cherrios. oh how i love you. you're more amazing than i ever remember.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

the essentials of these past few days

the temperatures have been between 0 and 5 degrees these past 3 or 4 days (feeling less than 0) therefore thermals (from uniqlo), thick sweaters (from jcrew), and a little bit of trendy color to make the world go round, obviously..or at least this ice age weather not seem so ice-age-like (from h&m)
the amazing smell of dunkin donuts hazelnut coffee. it is just amazing and makes everything that much warmer.
the amazing taste of the coffee with french vanilla coffee creamer in the morning (the perfect start) and of course in my human touch (see post about it here) mug from my boy!
my amazing ugg snow boots. these have saved my feet and are now the everyday part of my ensembles. i can't complain. i owe and appreciate them :-*

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

thrift store finds!

!!!!!! i made one of the most amazing discoveries today. thrift shopping. (and no, i do not mean that awkward macklemore song :D) i was walking around doing some errands (although it was below 0 degrees out today eeeegghh) and found these adorable mason jars for just 99 cents!! how could i not get them?! have bene dying for mason jars (most likely to decorate with) and this was the perfect place to find them. i went to 3fifteen at the Marshall Square Mall on University Ave. they had SO many neat things to decorate with, vintage clothing, vases, baskets, shoes, mirrors, jewelry, and even amazing furniture. (i felt like all of my desired creations from pinterest could happen from the store and very uniquely yet cheaply) what i think i love most about 3fifteen though, is that their profits all go to the Rescue Mission, who feed, shelter, and clothe those in need. absolutely amazing. 

i definitely think i will return soon and let you guys know what else i get!! makes me feel great that i can enjoy these items but also give back :) hope you can all find something that makes you feel this way.

23 Reasons Sasha And Malia Stole The Inauguration

i found this on buzzfeed this morning (click on photo to access) and absolutely had to share. it's hilarious but makes me love them even more! and not to mention reminds me of me and my sisters. when watching the inauguration on monday and seeing these happen brightened up my LIFE for sure ;) enjoy!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mr. Fitz

so ammu and i have decided we definitely want an english bulldog...yes i convinced him!! with the cute little pout, rolls, sweet eyes, and eeeeverything. we already picked a name! Fitzgerald (lol)...Mr. Fitz for short :) we found this perfect bowtie dog collar and he must have it!

Monday, January 21, 2013

me wanty!!!

eeeee stumbled upon this while procrastinatingly (....really need to finish my math hw) running through pinterest. The Lomography Diana F+ Camera is more than to die for and perfect effects of "diana" are what i've wanted to experiment not to mention how cute and vintage the look is of the camera! and film! although i lovelovelove my dslr i can't help but want to mess around with film. definitely not in my "poor college student" budget right now but a girl can dream! ;)

dinner routines

something i'm loving about my boy and i being together is how we take turns making dinner and have already created a routine! it's something i've waited for, for a long time now and i'm so excited to finally have nightly dinners with my boy. especially since the way to his heart is certainly through his tummy ;) i'm also enjoying cooking a lot more and am impressed with myself with all of my creations. maybe i'll blog some time about them.

ammu is currently making turkey chili (smells amaaazing) for us tonight and i can't wait to EAT! hope you're having a great dinner tonight with the people you love!

Nanda Bear

*a photo i took last March of a window in NYC! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013


i love macaroons!! SO much. i stumbled upon this link the other day on Craft Passion and had to share. especially for all of you who like to sew and create little nicknacks. click on the photo to see how to make the adorable little macaroon coin purses!

make someone smile

this post is a bit overdue..i know but anyway my weekend challenge from last weekend spilled over into my last week a bit but it was still amazing. being a guyanese girl, i never really meet many other guyanese people. one of my first graduate school classes, i walked in and saw a tall, brown guy. a brown guy! AND HE WAS GUYANESE! we immediately connected and once telling him of my ancestry and past he was smiling and excited to continue and build this relationship.

i'm certain that what i learn from him will be more than from the class itself and i look forward to building the relationship that i could with a guyanese scholar, which is something i would like to be identified with by the end of my degree(s)...a female first-generation Guyanese-American scholar. :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

a few of my favorite things around here...

so as i'm still settling in there has been this new feature that's come about... "my favorite things around here" it's only the second one but i sort of like it as an update and to share some cool photos, especially as my life here is unfolding. i'm still getting used to my new apartment and all of the decorating and making it "mine" is almost done! yay! but here are a few things (mostly all from my bedroom) that i'm loving! hope you enjoy :)

please meet Puffer, my puffin. this was one of the first little presents ammu gave me when we first started dating and he sent it to me on a monthaversary during the first few months of us dating :) puffins are my favorite animal! ever since, Puffer has come with me every where and has a little personality of his own. i love him and i'm sure he has plenty to say, himself ;)

i'm loving the amount of candles, tea lights, and little tchotchkes that are all over the apartment. just little things to lighten up the rooms and the little box on the right, ammu's mom gave it to me :) so a very special little addition to the apartment :) 

my Essie "go overboard" nails! it's been a while since i did my nails and although a spring color i think this is the perfect color for the cold, dreary, winter but also adds some color!

but i think my favorite thing of all are these feet right here; my boy's. being able to now see him just about every day has been amazing and something i've waited for for three and a half years, now. the little quiet moments of studying together, making dinner, and lunch dates between classes has been amazing and i don't know when this will all sink in but i'm so blessed and happy to finally have this with you, ammu <3 you're my best friend and my everything.

Monday, January 14, 2013

these two little feet

i spy two little toddler feet. these two little feet would not nap. repeated "no ni-ni (night-night)" even when i pretend slept next to him he poked and played with my arms and hair! it was actually very hilarious but became very annoying. eventually these little feet fell asleep and at first bottom in the air (adorable!)

i would definitely say that my first day at Syracuse University was a success. grad school is so different than undergrad but also really exciting as everyone else in your program has the same goal and is passionate about the same things and i really enjoy that. i'm sure once it has all sunk in i will have more to elaborate on and share!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

little letters

dear apartment,
thank you for letting me in! i promise to be very good to you and finish adorning you soon :)

dear syracuse university,
i'm excited to start tomorrow but also very nervous...please don't be too hard on me!

dear body,
i know i have to get in shape again...working on it!!!

dear snow,
now that all of what's left of you is pretty much gone and i have yet to see a beautiful, white snow storm i'd love if you could bring one soon for me to play in :) please?

dear car (name to soon be announced),
i love you and thank you so very much.

all my love,
nanda bear

weekend challenge: doing something for myself

and now #3! all weekend i've been decorating and prepping my apartment and it's finally all unpacked and the decorating is gradually coming together. this is something that's definitely doing something for myself. i'm loving my apartment more and more and am excited to have the next chapter of my life here. :)

thought this was the perfect place for this piece and very appropriate for this time (please excuse the unmade bed, rarely like this...i swear!)

so my mantle is now another step closer to being done. i thought the black, white, and red theme was perfect (inspired by my piece from China) and it looks great so far. found the awesome red frame from Target for $1! that place is incredible! definitely going back for some other home decor stuff! (also need to print some new pics- one for the red frame!)

Saturday, January 12, 2013


so going on with the weekend challenge... #1 is now complete! "try something new" the word "new" has been used over and over again this past week with my new apartment, city, and so on but last night ammu and i went to Laci's Tapas Bar.

it. was. amazing. and that is an understatement! the service was incredible...we even made jokes of wanting get to know the staff there better and we easily concluded that we'd like it to be our new "spot" here, in Syracuse. the tapas were also perfectly sized, were delectable, and were some of the best things i have ever tasted. boy and i shared the lobster ravioli, lamb chops with apple-mint chutney, and the garlic chicken flatbread. the items on the menu were so unique and perfect for anyone wanting to try any type of new food. i would 100% recommend Laci's and it was so funny that we literally stumbled upon them when looking up "food" on our iPhone map, so we also surprised ourselves.

the space was so, so cozy and great and i regret not bringing my camera to take and show you some pics!! but i promise we'll return soon, and when we do there'll be a photo-overload ;)

 *all photos from Laci's Tapas Bar website.

Ammu & Nanda Bear

as i keep trying to find a nickname to call myself and to call my boy, i figured at this point i might as well just address us as what we call each other. 

soo..i call him "ammu." i don't think we're sure where it comes from at all but it's the only thing i ever call him and it's also his name in my phone. i love my ammu and i'm sure that will last forever.

aaand i'm nanda bear. again this whole thing may be giving away my identity but whatever happens...happens. so it comes from "panda bear" and he also calls me Nanda. just cute little nicknames that i've come to get used to and love. it's really strange when he calls me my actual name (which is usually when he's upset with me :/)

so i think from now on this is how i will address each other as "lobstress"clearly never stuck... oops!

*really missing warm, exciting weather nowadays i would love to walk around NYC and find flowers and cool foods in fun outfits just enjoying the outdoors... it's only January so we have a while for that :|

Friday, January 11, 2013

a weekend challenge

so one of my favorite blogs, Sometimes Sweet posted this morning about a weekend challenge that i'd love to share. I think it's perfect for me, especially since this is the weekend right before i start grad school in this whole new chapter.

the challenge includes the following:
1. Try something new.
2. Make someone smile.
3. Do something for myself.

these are things i really need to do right now and think they are perfect. as Danielle says, nothing has been or will be planned. i will just allow everything to unfold and be ready when these three things happen and let you know how it all goes! please do join us :)

in my new apartment...

it's been crazy and busy adjusting to my new apartment and town of Syracuse. tons and tons of unpacking, getting ready for school, and so many errands that i have no idea what i would have done without my car! all in all i'm well and it's been amazing to finally have my boy nearby. i finally get to see him everyday, make him dinner, and sleep together every night. things that made me realize that 3+ years long distance was worth waiting for. i love you, boo.

it's been so irritating to have to unpack then organize then clean and all over again the other day (with school stuff and errands all day long)! i stay rest assured that it'll all be organized and ready soon and that i'll beginning grad school in just a few short days, now...i'm secretly terrified.

here are the three of my favorite things around here...
ONE. gulgula! a great, Guyanese (which boy and i both are) dessert! it's like a small doughnut, very yummy and right from home :) we both brought an assortment of Guyanese/home treats (milo being among them) and have been feasting on it all. it's a little sad to have this here in the beginning but a bit nice, too.

TWO. insomnia. cookies. 'nuff said. my boy brought them home for me today (2 amazing choco chip cookies! nom!) they're so soft, moist, gooey, and perfect. find the nearest near you and get there STAT. actually...wait they deliver!!!! they're so worth it and was the perfect ending to my day. *thank you, boy.

THREE. these pieces of art are the only two that are decorating this place right now. the piece on the left is created by one of my best friends who is a design major and so, so artsy and creative. this is perfect for us as we've had the dream to be in NYC, together some day being working young women! with the text "GO GET IT," i feel and see her love and encouragement everyday. Thank you SO much, love! and beside that is my name written in Chinese :) I got this when I was in Shanghai last year and it was incredible, a trip of a lifetime. (p.s./hint: this is probably a give away of my identity :|)

...of course two of the three of those are food. but i love food...especially the sweet-not-so-healthy-fattening ones :/ but those are always the best, aren't they?! anyways, more updates on my new life soon! by the way, have you noticed my new 50mm f/1.8 II camera lens?! i love it!!!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

my new stomping ground.

a lot has been going on around here! my winter break has come to an end and i have just returned to Syracuse to begin my new adventure! new school, new stomping ground, with my new whip! i've slowly but surely been moving all of my belongings and organizing my new one-bedroom apartment. i've fallen in love with it and not to mention my new car! i'm very much in love with her, who, on my way up to Syracuse was officially named! yay!

i know i know...i owe you tons of explanations and photos. i promise them later in the week. til then all of the animals have been going crazy in the world!!! check out yahoo news.

peace and love,