Wednesday, January 16, 2013

a few of my favorite things around here...

so as i'm still settling in there has been this new feature that's come about... "my favorite things around here" it's only the second one but i sort of like it as an update and to share some cool photos, especially as my life here is unfolding. i'm still getting used to my new apartment and all of the decorating and making it "mine" is almost done! yay! but here are a few things (mostly all from my bedroom) that i'm loving! hope you enjoy :)

please meet Puffer, my puffin. this was one of the first little presents ammu gave me when we first started dating and he sent it to me on a monthaversary during the first few months of us dating :) puffins are my favorite animal! ever since, Puffer has come with me every where and has a little personality of his own. i love him and i'm sure he has plenty to say, himself ;)

i'm loving the amount of candles, tea lights, and little tchotchkes that are all over the apartment. just little things to lighten up the rooms and the little box on the right, ammu's mom gave it to me :) so a very special little addition to the apartment :) 

my Essie "go overboard" nails! it's been a while since i did my nails and although a spring color i think this is the perfect color for the cold, dreary, winter but also adds some color!

but i think my favorite thing of all are these feet right here; my boy's. being able to now see him just about every day has been amazing and something i've waited for for three and a half years, now. the little quiet moments of studying together, making dinner, and lunch dates between classes has been amazing and i don't know when this will all sink in but i'm so blessed and happy to finally have this with you, ammu <3 you're my best friend and my everything.

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