Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 14th?

i think this may be the first year of my entire life that i actually care about February 14th. even when being with my boy for a while i always found (and still do) the holiday (valentine's day, that is) very commercial and full of "fake" romances and where people found an excuse "not to be lonely" but maybe knowing i'll finally be with my boy on the actual day makes me excited. not to mention all the amazing pinterest boards of valentine's decorations, baking recipes, the color red which i have a new obsession just all makes me more excited for valentine's day than i've ever been. 

ironically (of course), ammu is just not having it this year. he's always been so excited, trying to get me excited for it, and with tons of special plans but maybe with the heat of a new place that's much harder to get around than nyc and with me crawling asking him about any surprises it's a little different for him this year, as well. we did make plans to go for a super Japanese dinner (WOOOO!..super excited) and i'm just happy to have my boy, every day which is what i've always longed for. cheesy but true...we really don't need a day for showing how we feel about one another. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

i love...

baked asparagus with parmesan
when ammu practices all this "doctor" things on me
maybe valentine's day this year?...just maybe.
breakfast for dinner
getting care packages & letters from friends and family
plum-colored nails
matilda...err who i still have to introduce you to. (my car)
cooking for my boy after he's had a long day
and puppies....hope to get one soon!
but babies + puppies is amazing.

our weekend

our weekend unfolded into so much fun. friday we had to brave the blizzard that was coming. we spent the evening just being together relaxing in pjs (don't we all need nights like that) and had the best (and i mean one of the top 3) cuddle sessions...ever. the next day after some studying and schoolwork, we had a fun mall date..destiny usa, nonetheless (my boy even dressed for our "date night"...looks like i wasn't the only one needing it) and spent a little too much money :/ but it's safe to say we've both added a few items to our wardrobe that we now love. we went to a syracuse basketball game and cheered and cheered and also got these funky tail things!!! and finally on sunday night we told the weekend "see ya" to studying and watching the grammy's of course my favorite performance was wiz. (duh.)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

a few of my favorite things around here...

so when i got my mason jars from the thrift store i struggled with thinking about what to put in them. i found these tulips over the weekend and knew i just had to put them in there! nothing like bright flowers to brighten up the apartment with the cold, dreary, snowy weather outside. 

 so anyone who knows me knows i change my iphone case just about every week or two. (yeah..a little excessive, i know) but i do get the cheapest ones on amazon/ebay so maybe that justifies it a bit? anyway i found this orange polka dot case and it's probably lasted the longest than most of my others and i love my phone and ipad more than i probably should but eh whattheheck.

the other mason jar!! hershey kisses. valentines edition. duh. what's more perfect than a candy jar?? exactly. 

ammu and i have been eating grapes by the bunch. no complaints..i really have to be healthier. these aren't the prettiest ones we've bought lately but obviously a favorite thing around here. 

my boy got me this pillow as a house warming present. love him. he says it's my motto..which is probably true: "if it's worth's worth overdoing." and also a dog on it! we're dying for a little friend (i hope we get mr. fitz soon) anyway this is the perfect addition to our little couch and living room and i can assure you it's being used well :)

my boy's amazing dinners he makes for us. i'm still loving and getting used to being together just about every day and i really love his cooking..really adorable how much he loves it. we're so blessed to finally have each other. 

Happy February, friends!

wishing you a very joyous and fun february! i'm in the midst of being very annoyed with the weather and absolutely want the warmth to come back soon. the snow and cold is just way to much for me, especially up here in Syracuse. it's unlike anything i've ever experienced...even in Binghamton.

but...on a brighter note i think this is the first time in my 21 years that i'm actually excited for/liking valentine's day. though i still believe it's definitely 100% commercial and that you should show your loved ones how much you love them every day but i can deal with one day of over-the-top mushyness with roses, chocolate, and stuffed bears.

what i think we'd all really like to be doing right now.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

funk 'n waffles

so ammu and i made a great discovery last weekend. we have been meaning to go to funk 'n waffles since he moved to syracuse last semester but after a fun night out, the morning after we were dying for some great thick waffles and anything else that went well with it :)

ammu got the mackinac and i got a waffle with cheddar and two eggs. the waffles are so fluffy and their syrup is amazing, with it...though you really don't even need it. they're so so good. they have all types of sweet AND savory waffles and i hope to go back soon to try something else. maybe something with ice cream and nutella?? i mean but really, how could you go wrong.

the vibe in there is also really awesome. check out this pic i creeped. i know, i know this goes beyond creeping but i just had to. i love the shirts they wear and the records everywhere. i didn't get to take a good pic of the art in there but it's also awesome. once again...i need to bring my dSLR back to take some good pics. regardless, it's really cozy and the food is amazing i give this another A+ rating and plan to make it another "spot," here in syracuse.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

we have rekindled our love for one another...

honeynut cherrios. oh how i love you. you're more amazing than i ever remember.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

the essentials of these past few days

the temperatures have been between 0 and 5 degrees these past 3 or 4 days (feeling less than 0) therefore thermals (from uniqlo), thick sweaters (from jcrew), and a little bit of trendy color to make the world go round, obviously..or at least this ice age weather not seem so ice-age-like (from h&m)
the amazing smell of dunkin donuts hazelnut coffee. it is just amazing and makes everything that much warmer.
the amazing taste of the coffee with french vanilla coffee creamer in the morning (the perfect start) and of course in my human touch (see post about it here) mug from my boy!
my amazing ugg snow boots. these have saved my feet and are now the everyday part of my ensembles. i can't complain. i owe and appreciate them :-*

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

thrift store finds!

!!!!!! i made one of the most amazing discoveries today. thrift shopping. (and no, i do not mean that awkward macklemore song :D) i was walking around doing some errands (although it was below 0 degrees out today eeeegghh) and found these adorable mason jars for just 99 cents!! how could i not get them?! have bene dying for mason jars (most likely to decorate with) and this was the perfect place to find them. i went to 3fifteen at the Marshall Square Mall on University Ave. they had SO many neat things to decorate with, vintage clothing, vases, baskets, shoes, mirrors, jewelry, and even amazing furniture. (i felt like all of my desired creations from pinterest could happen from the store and very uniquely yet cheaply) what i think i love most about 3fifteen though, is that their profits all go to the Rescue Mission, who feed, shelter, and clothe those in need. absolutely amazing. 

i definitely think i will return soon and let you guys know what else i get!! makes me feel great that i can enjoy these items but also give back :) hope you can all find something that makes you feel this way.

23 Reasons Sasha And Malia Stole The Inauguration

i found this on buzzfeed this morning (click on photo to access) and absolutely had to share. it's hilarious but makes me love them even more! and not to mention reminds me of me and my sisters. when watching the inauguration on monday and seeing these happen brightened up my LIFE for sure ;) enjoy!