Sunday, February 3, 2013

funk 'n waffles

so ammu and i made a great discovery last weekend. we have been meaning to go to funk 'n waffles since he moved to syracuse last semester but after a fun night out, the morning after we were dying for some great thick waffles and anything else that went well with it :)

ammu got the mackinac and i got a waffle with cheddar and two eggs. the waffles are so fluffy and their syrup is amazing, with it...though you really don't even need it. they're so so good. they have all types of sweet AND savory waffles and i hope to go back soon to try something else. maybe something with ice cream and nutella?? i mean but really, how could you go wrong.

the vibe in there is also really awesome. check out this pic i creeped. i know, i know this goes beyond creeping but i just had to. i love the shirts they wear and the records everywhere. i didn't get to take a good pic of the art in there but it's also awesome. once again...i need to bring my dSLR back to take some good pics. regardless, it's really cozy and the food is amazing i give this another A+ rating and plan to make it another "spot," here in syracuse.

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