Tuesday, September 25, 2012

how precious

i stumbled upon this article today and as a student studying human development specializing in early childhood education, i absolutely adore this parent. as his son wants to wear dresses and skirts, he supports his son in wearing them as well, in public. it's a beautiful gesture and avoiding all stigmas, this is a very important and crucial age for his son to be expressive in his own skin. i commend his father even further for being the person to make his son happy, exactly what a parent should do.

the arguments

there are good times and there sure are bad times. all couples have their moments and we have been having lots of "those moments" lately. for all of you other long-distance-ers i commend you. this is not easy by any means and although my boy and i are onto our fourth year, things remain difficult to manage with a distance and all of the added stresses of this time in our life.

he with the beginnings of med school and i on the beginnings of my own path towards grad school/some other type of post graduate work things are hard. also, we're still at that young age (and maybe our culture is to blame) of being very much under our parents' wing and household and i must say is really controlling and difficult to cope with on its own. but with the ideas of settling down and moving on together sometimes it is harder to fathom than ever with realizing this whole path is so real now.

any stressful day i think we unfortunately let some things get the best of us. and there are definitely those times of the tears, fears, and even saying mean things loudly. but when reflecting and stopping right now to think, we can't bear seeing the other like that and always remember that things will be okay and that we are in this, together no matter what issues we have, what adjustments we need to make, and what difficult things are going on.

it was much harder than i realized my adjustment would be towards his going to med school. his life has changed drastically and therefore, mine has too. maybe i was a little naive to think it wouldn't affect me. but i can promise him, myself, and all you readers this is one of the most important things in my life. we do seem and are really happy together. we laugh endlessly til our cheeks, lungs, and eyes hurt and i think beneath every relationship, at the foundation you need to be the best of friends and that's exactly what we are. 

we do work hard, everyday for our future and what we want with each other. the sacrifices and support go each way. a lot of selflessness and great communication is absolutely necessary and everyone needs to be reminded of that. especially long distance, when upset you almost have to make that phone call when you simply want to be left alone. communication is key. 

we celebrate the little things. and we have our times when we just order pizza and drink beer, sitting on the floor watching a crappy tv show in our pjs and those are my favorite times. just be you and have fun with all that you are. i'm not even close to qualified or certain of what the "right thing" is but i do know i love this boy more than i've loved anyone and we met my pure fate, God has blessed me over and over for every moment i have with him and i'm willing to go through it all- together.

i love and miss you, boy.

...psht. like we're this chic.

Monday, September 24, 2012


who thinks this really works? thought it was adorable who wouldn't like to feel like they were with their other? i know the time i miss my boy the most is when i'm about to/trying to fall asleep. but do you think this pillow is their heart beating? it's an adorable concept and idea- i know i'm desperate to be in his arms laying on his chest and he for certain would love this as well (he's one of those few boys that gets cuddled on my chest in my arms and loves it). who thinks we should try it? click on the photo below to see "A Cup of Jo's" post about it as well as this video (which i really love).

Thursday, September 20, 2012

i did it!

Today was awesome. soooo long and tiring (in fact, I have just awoken from a long slumber which I went to sleep HARD at 10:30pm and am now awake-- totally unheard of). subbing my first class was definitely nerve-wracking but it quickly became exciting and fun, i didn't want it to end. it felt so good and exactly where i belonged, it's all mine and i'm so happy :) more later. cheers!
love this art and for my kids' nursery, playroom, bedroom, or even just around the house (someday) i would love to have a bunch of these pieces up. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

can't sleep

so i can't sleep...what's new? really. i actually tried to sleep early today! was all snuggled by 12:43 am. I counted my sheep and pretended my boy was cuddling me but it's never quite the same. i ended up falling asleep eventually but was then awoken by my grumbly tumbly (heh winnie the pooh) i gave in only because i'm not sure when i'll have time to eat properly tomorrow..it's my first day of substitute teaching at the JCC! i sure am excited but also nervous. all of the usual thoughts: will i fit in? will the kids like me? will i be...good? it'll be my first time holding a class on my own and my very first day is with kids in prekindergarten. my favorite age. but if i'm going to do this, i really need to sleep. these kids will suck all of the energy out of me and i'll have all of the fun in the world but MUST SLEEP. c'mon body just let me do it. if my boy sees i'm blogging this late i may get another little scolding (this happens a little too often i realize) so i'll try again. wish me luck! xxoo--lobstress.

how cute are these little guys?! i need a pet.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


so i spent my night "off" watching terrible reality shows, working on grad school applications, reading up for class, and snuggling up in my pjs and bathrobe. a little perfect and a lot relaxing (nothing like what i'm usually used to) turns out i'm definitely glad to have had the day to myself.

... so becoming a self-proclaimed "blogger" is obviously more difficult than i thought. but this shouldn't be  my goal. rather, i do think i'm doing this more for the fun aspect and to just get my (and mostly our) story out there. i had this thought when i was going through my favorite blogger's site: taza and husband from her very beginning. although i obviously didn't read every single post, but still got such an amazing sense of her and her husband's story. i love her and her blog even more now (if it were ever possible) then i stumbled upon this blog Loved Despite Great Faults and loved the way she wrote, her photos, and then made my own photography even more.

i'm excited to write about my own journey and look back at it...soon enough.

until next time,

Monday, September 17, 2012

when he's gone...

i was lucky enough to see my boy this weekend since we have a long weekend for the Jewish holiday. all we did was snooze. hey our days go from 8am well into the night because of all of our classes and work. i definitely sleep the best with my boy and i miss him so much so when i'm alone in my bed again :( our weekend together felt soo quick and even MORE luckily i get to see him again this upcoming weekend since my first grad school interview (eeek nervous barf puke nervous) but i finally get to see his place and new stomping ground. (missing our NYC, very much.) 

class work and all of my other activities are proven hard to manage and i get very little sleep and sometimes am a little grumpy so these weekends together definitely help me recuperate and sleep and eat.

speaking of eat, the one time mister and i went out was to The Water Street Brewing Co.. we were very hungry but had awesome food. a great fish fry wrap and a classic grilled chicken sandwich with FRIES, so so yummy. and as a brewery boy had a "cream ale" and i, an Argentinian Malbec (possibly a new fave)! i love discovering new sophisticated drinks (newly 21 and all) 

catching up on some school work and definitely missing my boy sitting beside me doing the same. see you soon, love!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


hello friends! the first week of classes has been BEYOND hectic. it certainly hasn't felt like "senior year" and it definitely feels like it's been MUCH longer than a week at school. I mean, look at the timestamp of this post! nearly 4am...my mister is going to kick my butt if he sees i'm still up.

as the world knows i work tons of jobs and internships. all to stay busy, involved, and build myself. today i woke up bright and early, had a wonderful yoga session, then traveled three hours to NYC for a three hour meeting at work then traveled back here to Binghamton. yes, all in a day and I have an early meeting 'tomorrow' and too much reading for class i need to catch up on. hopefully starting tomorrow i'll be back on my feet and back in touch with all of the many things i need to do.

so for now, this is my little update on my being MIA but i will be back shortly!

xoxo Mrs.Dr.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

a yummy treat from my boy

a very special treat from my boy. milo with a spoon. he brought some in tupperware all the way from Syracuse for me. we love milo and although you're supposed to mix it with milk or water, i love it bare with a spoon. so whenever i need a little pick me up i fill my cup (that he also gave me a couple years ago) about 1/5 of the way and chomp away. i love it, the stickiness and all. nomnomnom thank you, boy :)

*the cup is from Human Touch and can be found at various stores, shops, and online stores.

i feel like a grownup when

1. I wake up early in the morn' and have YOGA (very necessary), work, and classes all day and feel productive.

2. When I cook for myself (hey...I'm getting better).

3. When I want these adorable "Barnyard Cupcakes" courtesy of I <3 Muffins (some things will never change.)

4. But most of all...when I realize that my boy and I have made it through 3 years of long distance...we can make it through anything.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

doors, books, and france

lovelovelove. this is an amazing doorway for a bookstore in Lyon, France. i love books, unique doorways, and France. must go back.

Monday, September 3, 2012

first week back

so things have been more than hectic in the last few days. i'm finally settled in my new (and first) actual apartment...yay for growing up! finally got to see my boy this weekend AND school starts tomorrow (bittersweet)

we spent our third anniversary together and it was the best thing in the world to finally see my boy. it was almost theatrical the way we ran into each other and i jumped into his arms.. it was perfect and the perfect weekend. we had a great yummy anniversary dinner and adorable presents. he, a keepsake box for all of our letters and little gifts to each other and she a photobook reminiscing from the last three years together (he's so adorable!) he came from Syracuse for the weekend and we went to Tranquil Bar & Bistro for dinner where we had an amazing seafood (mussels and lobster) dinner...mmmMMMmmm. all along with endless laughing, playing, warmth. i missed him so very much and can't wait to see him again.

 i LoVe my new apartment! it's so nice being independent. it's new, big, and all mine. so sad i'll have to leave it in December when i (hopefully) graduate but then onto bigger, better, and more "me" things.