Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Roasted Peach Lemonade

for the ending summer/upcoming fall. mmM..mmM...MMM

recipe found here. from the naptime chef. found on pinterest!

my favorite blogs (currently) & story

As a new blogger I've had some inspiration and some leeway in how to begin and some tips simply by reading and enjoying. I'm thankful to be in and from NY where bloggers cover topics from love and romance (like this) to so many of the strange things in life but everyone loves it! I've been drawn to blogs for years but never quite had the guts to start one of my own. Though, I've had so many ideas for all types of blog topics. For a whole year (January 2011-January 2012) I did a project called "365 Days: A moment in the life..." where I took a photo of a special moment of each day and documented it. I will share it sometime with you once I reveal my actual identity and when perhaps, some more people in my life become aware of this blog. THEN there was that whole phase of me struggling to be a female minority not only in college but in the corporate wold, then I realized how negative the blog would actually be and if my identity were to be revealed for that...I may never get a job again.

But finally, after following my favorite blog "The Rockstar Diaries- Love, taza & husband baby eleanor and kingsley, too" for the last year or so I became so inspired to write about my life, love, and path to my career as it's just..who I am and I've wanted to share my "story" for a while. Also, while growing up I realized all of the struggles that everyone encounters but also the importance of realizing that everyone has these struggles and how you hangle them is the difference. So, I also wanted to share with young girls, girls my age, young guys, guys my age, or anyone to feel the support and have this realization, too.

So...back to tazaandhusband. Their blog is simply about their life and, now, children. I've noted that they've started right before they were married (met in NY where they both attended school) up until now where in the last few years they have gotten married, made a move to D.C., have had two ADORABLE children, and recently just moved back to NYC. I love their style, taza's writing, how she tells her stories, her family, etc. I often tell my boy how much I want to be like them and they're a great model for what I would love someday. He agrees, loves them too but always stresses that we will have our own story and family which is obviously important to remember.

A few of the other blogs that I frequent...

Sarah and the City: "Just a girl with a love for chai tea, red velvet cupcakes, post-it notes, colored pens, and nail polish." I started following this blog when Sarah was planning her wedding. She loves J.Crew and SO DO I. So this is how I first stumbled upon her blog. She has great tips and style for all types of wedding "things" and what girl doesn't think about planning their imaginary wedding?

Undressed Skeleton: Everyone wants a healthy lifestyle but Taralynn McNitt's story and tips make her blog so special to me. Since I've began college I've struggled with my weight and thus appearance. The "freshman 15" extended to the last few years. She is a young woman who has inspired me to live a healthier lifestyle which I am now beginning and her story (read here) is just inspiring and makes me feel that I can do it. She has a feature right now actually, entitled "15 Tips for Healthy Students"...can't wait to get started! 

Suri's Burn Book: The ridiculous/hilarious one. "Just because you don't have a Ferragamo handbag doesn't mean you can behave like a child. (I'm looking at you, Shiloh.)" A "different" form of celeb gossip that I can't help but love. Everyone blogs about..everything. This is just SO darn funny and who doesn't love Suri Cruise, her outfits, her parents' divorce drama, and most importantly her supposed crazy thoughts. I'm dying laughing just thinking about some of thing things "she says."

Happy Reading!

catch up!

i'm back and ready for action! can't believe little sister is now in college starting her first few days and i'm about to start my senior year. seriously...where did the time go? i think about her a lot and the house is not quite the same without her, at all. i miss her so much. so strange how that happens. we're such different people we've always sort of been in each others' hair and now that she's away and it's only been a few days, we talk nonstop. it's important to me and i'm so very proud of her and where her life will take her and all of her dreams will come true.

since i've been back i've been doing some packing as i will be leaving in just a few days and then also seeing my boy for our three year anniversary (eeep!) it's been hectic. tomorrow will be my last day in nyc and i will surely miss it. 

more later ! XX, Mrs. Dr.

some photos from the weekend travels...

and something silly...

Friday, August 24, 2012

on the road!

little sister is currently embarking on her own journey in college this weekend. i am moving her in this and will return soon enough! every inch away from home helps remind me of the importance and the need for me to move onto the next phase of my life. and i hope it all works out, for my own happily ever after. here is a little picture of the Delaware Memorial Bridge that I captured! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

one more week

so this is my final week home on long island, ny (and in NYC). a little bittersweet. 

bitter because i'm going to be a senior. it took me a while to love my college life. it took a lot of adjusting and time to figure out what i wanted to do. then it was difficult to be away from my family and of course, my boy who was a heart-wrenching 3.5 hours away. now, that i am used to the independence, grown up so much, and everything binghamton has to offer. i love the space, the mountains, the valley, the serenity, and everything binghamton has taught me. if i really do graduate in december i will miss everything it has taught me. feels like that always happens, doesn't it? just when you start to love and get used to something...it's about to end. and i must say, change is difficult for me but this was for sure one of the hardest transitions of my life and am proud of the young woman i am today for it. 

sweet because i'm very ready for the next phase in my career. i can't wait to actually be in my field teaching children and changing their lives all for the better. that's one thing i was sure of with my career, no matter where or what i was doing at the time was that i wanted to change the world. and the more i think about it i'm excited and hope i can make so many children's lives better. i have already had a glimpse of that this summer and i could not be happier or more secure in what i want to do. so thankfully, although the path to get here has been very very difficult and sometimes, impossible to handle i am so glad i am here.

xo, Mrs.Dr.




Wednesday, August 22, 2012

call me lobstress.

huh? so..being in the culture that I am in, firstly it's HUGE to have a boy in my life "this young" and secondly to be ready and as committed as we are; going onto our fourth year together and as strong as ever. I met my amazing aunt for dinner and we talked all i could with a family member about my relationship. another special moment. i'm so blessed. she was/is so very happy for me and is very supportive of "us" and loves "him." she told me that "i finally found my lobster" (according to Phoebe from "Friends") i was so confused at first then she explained that they mate for life. lobsters are crazy crustaceans (emphasis on the alliteration i used) and i couldn't help but love that! so i told "him" and said that i love him and found my lobster :) he then called me his "lobstress" and i liked it way more than i probably should. i've gotten used to it and like its (somewhat) originality. but what made it even more priceless was when we actually discovered this: "Baby, I told you I was shellfish in the bed." and died laughing. So contrary to popular belief and according to many other sources lobsters do not mate for life. buuuut...i really do enjoy "lobstress" and have been looking for a type of name to dub myself on here. so for now, i'm lobstress (aside from Mrs.Dr.). let's see how long this lasts.

until next time! xo, Mrs.Dr. (lobstress)

on a much funnier note. this was my initial thought when i heard "lobstress." lady gaga's obscene outfit and silver glitzy lobster headpiece. now, that's a lobstress.

one of the last DIYs to try before the end of the summer!

click on photo to see how! free, beautiful, and SO me!! love. idea from Grow Creative. found on pinterest! love whenever i find great ideas! i would highly suggest joining pinterest ASAP and discovering "pins" of the things you love!


Of recent, I'm so completely in love with puppies! I really want a little buddy to play with and hang around with but also something to share with "him" and raise together. We love and can't wait for kids but we're not ready for that. So, I've really been trying to work on him and talking him into getting a puppy. Every time I bring it up we do get closer to a "yes" but I must say, that regresses too often. It may not be the most responsible thing for us right now either, since he's in class or lab most of his time (even on weekends) and WE don't even get to talk/see each other. NOT to mention that our poor little puppy would definitely struggle with being in a type of "broken" home between his/her mama and papa. But I can't help but feel like I "need" this dog right now. And especially with him. Still trying to work on him. I send him cute pictures ALL THE TIME from Pinterest and he melts but readers! a little help here! Hopefully someday, soon we will have our little puppy. puppy, mama loves you, wherever you are!!!

(all pictures in this post are from pinterest)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

starting to missing my boy, terribly

This has been the longest we've been apart in a long time and I can't wait to feel his touch again. He left in the beginning of the month for his white coat ceremony, then orientation, and now is always in lab or class. It's even more difficult for me as I have a lot of down time now. I try to keep busy and especially with seeing off my friends who are all leaving for our last year of college (it flew!). Also spending time in one of my favorite cities in the world (NYC) and preparing (mostly researching) for post-grad plans. It will be about a month since we've seen each other (the longest we've gone in a long while) and I could not be happier to see him. The amount of time we do (or don't) talk is so rare now and when we both have a common free moment to talk, we jump at the opportunity. Luckily, once I'm back at school we will be much closer than we ever have been and will be celebrating our 3 year anniversary (EEEP!) together the weekend I get back. so excited to see him again.

missing you. can't wait to see you.

our guilty pleasure

The McDonald's Sweet Tea. 

As college students, you often times are in a huge rush, eat all the wrong things, and we took advantage (of course) of cheap (and sometimes, free!) food. The $1 giant sweet tea was/is certainly one of our favorites. It's too perfect and too easy to share. A little sugary, indeed. But why not satisfy that desire we all have once in a while? We usually would have it for the heck of it when I would visit the city while he was at NYU and we haven't had it in a while. Must say, I do miss it. (but it's probably better for my health, anyway) hope to see you soon sweetea (heh). And yes, this pic was taken at NYU's Bobst library, where we would study together when I visited, and over the summers.

Monday, August 20, 2012

silly/funny things

we love absurdities and oddities. just about anything with a "cute" or funny face we personify (I more than he) and completely love. for his going away present and for something cute to remember his lady by i got him two "giant microbes" they're SO funny and cute and perfect as a little present for someone who's going into a medical field. the small plush toy is in the shape of the actual microbe, with a cute "face" on it, and attached information and photos of the microbe. it's a great thing to have and very thoughtful! they're sold in most university bookstores and are available online as well. i definitely recommend them! he loves them and have them on display. he has a stem cell and chlamydia (nothing suggestive! just funny faces- take a look!)

also we love threadless! their t-shirts are just TOO funny and always conversation starters. they always have great promotions and deals and you can even submit your OWN designs!! it's so unique and great. we always throughout the year buy these t-shirts for those "lazy" days when they have their special deals (free shipping, sales, etc.- shop smart!) below are a few that we own! cutes! 


you gotta love Shakespeare.

what exactly happened to us. XX

Sunday, August 19, 2012

something special

we have very different sleeping habits which a lot of the time is something else that's a little difficult on our relationship. he usually sleeps a lot earlier than i do. the times we're together and i'm up doing some work he falls asleep next to me. but every single time...he falls asleep holding onto my arm or hand. and once he's asleep i try to shake it off (to be able to move) and he looks for it again when i readjust. it's so so adorable and i can't help but always giggle at him. aw, my boy.

 loving him and missing him dearly.

The little things.

Being away from each other is one of the hardest things that's a part of our love and relationship. As I mentioned in our last post, sending each other little things once in a while always helps. But also, when you visit one another doing something special or bringing something special along really helps to reconnect and romance over something.

As I mentioned, "he" has written me letters often, so many times unexpectedly and when he has a surprise brewing I always bug him about it (not the best thing- a little advice there!) Also, when together making meals together, or for each other or buying a special snack you both enjoy. We love Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn (a new favorite), Peanut M&M's, Gummy Bears, and Sour Patch Kids. They clearly don't always have to be the healthiest of food to share with each other. To be honest, I don't care for any of those things much when I'm without him.

We've done so many small, special things for each other whenever we visit. Whether it's as small as helping with laundry, making the bed, doing some chores to ease their burden OR special holidays, bringing breakfast, etc. Below are some photos we've taken of things we've done for each other. Enjoy!

The first photo was a breakfast that I brought from my dining hall in college while he was still asleep with cute little notes on instructions on what to do if he needed help or the "style" of the object. He loved it. He thought it was adorable and I'm pretty sure ate it all. We're a couple that takes care of each other. I worry about him (especially now that he's started med school) about eating all meals, healthily and properly. He, too, worries the same for me. It's important to give your partner that hand it helps calm your nerves about their eating and health but also they appreciate you and the thought.

The second photo is the sweetheart necklace that he gave me two years ago. I'm too spoiled. He gives me little unique items like this all the time. I love this necklace and wear it often that way or if not, I carry it around with me as it's something very special to me.

And finally, the most adorable surprise he's given me. My surprise "belated" Valentine's dinner. As a long-distance couple days/holidays like these are often spent apart. Recreate the day as best as you can for your partner. This is exactly what he did. He had me whisked away to get ready and doll up and when I was done, I went into his bedroom where he had a candlelit table with light jazz playing off of his iTunes (this generation..so cute!) And slowly, he served me our dinner and so special and warm. The thought, the love, and all of my favorite foods. It was one of my best nights with him. I'm so blessed and love him so much.

Try out things like this with your partner. It will help liven things and make things calmer and happier, especially during a stressful and difficult time like in college or grad school. It will make the BOTH of you very happy, relaxed, and relieved. You both deserve it, together. The little things.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


I got my DSLR (Canon EOS Rebel T3i) about six months ago and love taking photos with "him" but also of everything. I always have so much trouble lugging it around with me and finding a cute/large enough bag to carry it around in. I was in search of a great camera bag and found this awesome posting on lespetitesflaneuses for creating your own vintage camera bag!

Friday, August 17, 2012

A few of our favorite things...

As we've been a long-distance couple for almost 3 years now, we have many special moments and things that we love that help us reconnect and share our happy moments, together. Here are a few of our favorite things I'd like to share with you. (All photos we've taken ourselves.)

French Macaroons. They have amazing ones in NYC where we spend a lot of our time. (Close to where we both live and he spent his undergrad career at NYU). We would often share a box like this one over a weekend. Or he would surprise me with some for a special visit at my school, or for just a little bite whenever we would find someplace. Our favorites are definitely Pistachio, Raspberry, Vanilla and most Mocha/Coffee flavors. Some of our favorite places in the city are: Bisous Ciao, La Maison du Macaron, Mille-feuille, and Francois Payard.

Max Brenner's Chocolate Fondue. We are for sure foodies and dessert lovers. The one thing we bond MAJORLY over is our love for food and new things. Max Brenner has always been nearby to wherever he's lived during undergrad and also a place where we had our first date. You cannot go wrong with the chocolate filled aroma that surrounds you as soon as you walk in, the great atmosphere, food, fun, and DESSERT!

Flowers, small presents, little trinkets. Part of being long-distance is trying to express your love and missing one another as best as you can without actually being together. We often send each other little things like treats, stuffed animals (we now have too many and think have put a pause on that), little memorabilia from past things we've done, letters, and so on. It's important to send things unexpectedly, I know it has always brightened up my day to receive and unexpected package from "him." Just a tip: be original and sweet! He's actually rarely sent me flowers but this photo was the first time he had ever sent me them, and I couldn't help but brag at the time (we had been dating just under a year then...oh young love).


Sitting in the grass. We love it. (I think he more than I, a lot of the times, too!) It's important to always talk-- about anything and everything. We have a very special bond that I'm blessed to say we are very best friends. We always lay within each others arms, next to each other, across from each other, anything and just talk. Here, we're at the Griffith Observatory in LA this past July. Down time in a naturey setting is always fun and relaxing..for both..together!

Hope you enjoy learning a little more about US! xoxo

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Perfect for the upcoming Fall!

click image for the recipe! :)

"I miss you" in French.

how perfect

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A little more about us...

 Like I mentioned in our "about us", we met in Costa Rica. It was ironic when I was browsing through my iPhone that I had to scroll to the very top. Realizing how long it really has been. I must admit that knowing this, it maintains my faith in continuing to make it work and knowing that one day we will have everything we talk about: our (hopefully) booming careers, beautiful home in the suburbs, our marriage, beautiful children, and a dog! (still working on him for that one) But I hope you enjoy this little "story" about us! :)

she loves bows, stripes, and pink. he loves everything else (mostly her).
welcome again, to our little blog about our lives as a young, long-distance couple. soon to be entering our fourth year together and she is an undergrad, he a med-student. This will prove to be one of the hardest times for us but here, we'll document how we're going to do it all. 
Every time I come across this picture I remember "him." I took this just a few days after meeting and he had then, returned back home and for some crazy reason I could NOT get him out of my head. It was too strange.

So, a few days prior on Herradura beach, being of the same heritage our mothers immediately were drawn to one another. They talked about "us" "the kids" and "where we were from" Ironically, when at our permanent addresses "back at home" we are only about 40 minutes away from one another. 

Fate? I think so.

I was not interested, to say the least. We were pushed into talking and walking on the beach, I merely answered him clearly not realizing his interest, or even, mine. Our families continued to spend time together on our vacation in Costa Rica and upon my return, he was waiting for me to come home. He called just about every day just to "see what I was doing." It was already more than I already had had. 

We became best friends, still the best friend I have ever had (I'm so blessed) and then fell in love. Then, in early September 2009 we decided to try out our desires long-distance. With all of the hesitation and fear in the world... Of course we've had our major ups and downs (and I mean MAJ-OR) but we have always returned to "us" and what we loved and wanted, forever. 

I hope our story intrigues you and you hope to hear more! Happy reading.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Who am I?

So, I'll keep this anonymous for now and see how many ladies out there are feeling or sharing the same experiences I am. I am currently an undergraduate student studying to be an Early Childhood Special Educator. It's been a tumultuous path to reach this decision. I've become entirely invested in my future and career and it is what I want to come first. What I want to be respected for, what and how I want to change the world. 

The basis of this blog will be very simple. A young woman's path to her dream, but also her partner's. Meaning, yes, "Mrs.Dr." I'm in a very warm, kind, safe, loving relationship with the man of my dreams. I never thought this would be me. But one summer (right before I began college) my family decided to take a trip to Costa Rica. This changed my life forever. We met on Herradura Beach. We became the best of friends, then more. We've had a long distance relationship while he attended his undergrad university. Now, we are a much shorter distance but still, long distance.

We have faith in the fact that one day we will see each other every morning and it will be easier but it's all about the sacrifice and love that we are willing to have for one another. The title of my blog comes from the fact that he is now attending Med School. Yes, all you ladies out there- it's barely been a week and I have barely spoken to him. So here I am, hoping to connect and share my (and our) stories of how we will make it through and some tips for anyone going through this. 

I will be Mrs.Dr. X, one day.