Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Of recent, I'm so completely in love with puppies! I really want a little buddy to play with and hang around with but also something to share with "him" and raise together. We love and can't wait for kids but we're not ready for that. So, I've really been trying to work on him and talking him into getting a puppy. Every time I bring it up we do get closer to a "yes" but I must say, that regresses too often. It may not be the most responsible thing for us right now either, since he's in class or lab most of his time (even on weekends) and WE don't even get to talk/see each other. NOT to mention that our poor little puppy would definitely struggle with being in a type of "broken" home between his/her mama and papa. But I can't help but feel like I "need" this dog right now. And especially with him. Still trying to work on him. I send him cute pictures ALL THE TIME from Pinterest and he melts but readers! a little help here! Hopefully someday, soon we will have our little puppy. puppy, mama loves you, wherever you are!!!

(all pictures in this post are from pinterest)

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