Sunday, October 28, 2012

more fall treats! Smile!

Crockpot Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Crockpots come out right as fall begins...and there are all sorts of things you can make with it.
click on the photo below from {urban nester} for the recipe for crockpot pumpkin spice lattes mm mm mm.

Friday, October 26, 2012

things i never did until you showed up.

eat turkey bacon (...and boy do i love it)
watch Gossip Girl with a boy (shh...don't tell him i told you he loves it!)
go to chipotle (so many food ready.)
think of ridiculous outfits for babies and kids
people watch (too much fun)
play fight/wrestle (never thought i'd enjoy it as much as i do)
want a puppy
eat pinkberry (one of our many obsessions)
think about baby names (mostly girl names)
relax for hours just laying on grass, staring at the sky, talking
go to a circus (cirque du soleil)
think about my wedding
wear my glasses when i was supposed to (yeah...i'm a little silly and a lot stubborn)
wear degree men (when i had no deodorant of my own)
eat/drink so many mcchickens, mcnuggets, and sweet teas (when he lived next to a mickie ds)
have girl crushes on zooey deschanel and emma stone (so gosh darn adorable)

..but most special of all {be in love with someone.}

Thursday, October 25, 2012


so as i've been able to smile a little more often and feel a lot more relieved..i'm so very blessed that my dreams are coming true. it took me a long time to get here and i do think i deserve a pat on the back for although wanting to give up SO many times...i'm still here (struggling) but pushing through. i just want to encourage the so many of you who have felt the way i have in the last four years. through all of the ups and downs of not knowing what your true passion is and being surrounded by so many people who (think) they have got it all figured out. i don't think you ever really can figure it out but the advice i can lend is to try it ALL. you've got nothing to lose. and don't listen to anyone who tells you what they think YOU should do and most of all don't compare yourself to anyone. you're special and you have to believe that.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Mrs.Dr. has returned...

and with incredible news!! (drum roll please!) i got into grad school!!!!! it has been a very long week for me and then a great weekend with my boy (more on that later) but i thought you all deserved a quick catch-up. right when i was at the pit of stress and overwhelm i received an email directly from the chair of the department who i've completely fallen in love with (again, more on this amazing, inspirational woman later).

i got into Syracuse University's MS Early Childhood Special Education program. i am really proud of myself and feel really accomplished. the program has proven over and over as something that is perfect for me. the emphasis on experiential learning, the faculty, and so much more is great for me and really excites me. as of now, it's absolutely the school i will be attending this Spring and there is a complete, amazing added bonus- my boy and i will be NOT long distance for the first time as long as we've known each other. EEEEK!!!!

more later, i promise. getting ready for a very long day! (see photos of what should be "my new school" in a few months!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

i'm drowning guys, i'm drowning

the title of this post is exactly how i'm feeling. i have had probably 12 hours of sleep this entire week and although i'm barely sleeping.... my bed has not been made at all this week. if anyone knows me...they would NOT believe (also, don't tell my mother). i'm stressed beyond belief and i don't know where or how to breathe. there's a list that keeps getting things added and added and addedddd. i've had SO much work for class, two presentations, ongoing projects, and of course-work. it's suddenly gotten to be more than anything i can handle and i can't wait for this week to be over. definitely planning on sleeping for the entire night tonight...until tomorrow when it all restarts with the deadline of my first grad school applications approaching (yikes!) i've been working on them since over the summer and a little each night since school has begun, but of course they're not done...

my boy has also been especially stressed with yet another exam coming and tons of work, himself. it's all catching up to the both of us i think and we're talking less and less...and seeing each other less frequently again. it's more than difficult to go through this without him and especially feeling like i just need a breath and he would be the first to hand it to me. luckily, next weekend i'll be going up for a visit AND we'll be going to a Wiz Khalifa concert (soexcitedyoudon'tbelieve). It's part of the 2050 Tour and I absolutely love Wiz. Really, i do. TGOD

so i'm counting the days until this final break until i get to just let it all out. and basically, i feel like the last 5 emojis on the last row. we all love our iphone emojis and i love the new ones even more :|

until next time,

Sunday, October 7, 2012

new favorite artist

too busy for any type of hobby lately, i browse and browse and browse pinterest for any short break. so i stumbled upon Karolin Schnoor and am now having the most enchanting love affair with her work. really.

she is a German freelance illustrator and designer based in London. her work is magnificent. the colors used- so vibrant, deep, yet warm (even the brighter colors) and the patterns and the mix of patterns are so unique (using that word doesn't even do it justice). please see a few of my many favorites below:

Thursday, October 4, 2012


I'm starting to feel like Fall is becoming my favorite season. The changing colors, the crisp mornings, and perfect combinations of apple cider and pumpkin pie. I'm loving the temperature, the clothes and colors I can wear and I really believe that it's the last smile of the year. hope autumn lasts a little longer than necessary. i love it. so cozy and refreshing. some photos to accompany :)

happy, fall friends!

homemade apple pie with great company. yums.

Binghamton you are too beautiful for me, sometimes.

Raspberry colored jeans?! perfect for the fall. love love love. new favorite pants

the leaf my boy wanted me to leave could he! (he still has it in his apartment in Syracuse) heh no denying, babeh.

leaves, leaves, and more leaves. so beautiful

pumpkin spice latte-splattered book (eek) but, oh, SO good would do anything for one right now

pumpkins & gourds...what else screams AUTUMN?!

another feetsie, honors to wet Binghamton

no words.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

a horrid habit

so stress has been on high-frequency lately and thus, sadly my awful habit from my preteens has returned :( last semester. grad school applications. first apartment. boy in med school. independence. let's be real...this is lots to handle and i found myself suddenly nibbling away and every time i look at my hands i want to hurl over and cry. it's so embarrassing!! and i am constantly having to cut them to even them out or try to make them remotely better....but then when i stop for a few days i start again as soon as the stress hits. i guess it's better than most habits and from my research (i'm a dork) there's nothing harmful except for awful looking nails...and that's enough for me. any tips on quitting this horrid habit?! i'm all ears!