Monday, October 22, 2012

Mrs.Dr. has returned...

and with incredible news!! (drum roll please!) i got into grad school!!!!! it has been a very long week for me and then a great weekend with my boy (more on that later) but i thought you all deserved a quick catch-up. right when i was at the pit of stress and overwhelm i received an email directly from the chair of the department who i've completely fallen in love with (again, more on this amazing, inspirational woman later).

i got into Syracuse University's MS Early Childhood Special Education program. i am really proud of myself and feel really accomplished. the program has proven over and over as something that is perfect for me. the emphasis on experiential learning, the faculty, and so much more is great for me and really excites me. as of now, it's absolutely the school i will be attending this Spring and there is a complete, amazing added bonus- my boy and i will be NOT long distance for the first time as long as we've known each other. EEEEK!!!!

more later, i promise. getting ready for a very long day! (see photos of what should be "my new school" in a few months!

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