Thursday, October 11, 2012

i'm drowning guys, i'm drowning

the title of this post is exactly how i'm feeling. i have had probably 12 hours of sleep this entire week and although i'm barely sleeping.... my bed has not been made at all this week. if anyone knows me...they would NOT believe (also, don't tell my mother). i'm stressed beyond belief and i don't know where or how to breathe. there's a list that keeps getting things added and added and addedddd. i've had SO much work for class, two presentations, ongoing projects, and of course-work. it's suddenly gotten to be more than anything i can handle and i can't wait for this week to be over. definitely planning on sleeping for the entire night tonight...until tomorrow when it all restarts with the deadline of my first grad school applications approaching (yikes!) i've been working on them since over the summer and a little each night since school has begun, but of course they're not done...

my boy has also been especially stressed with yet another exam coming and tons of work, himself. it's all catching up to the both of us i think and we're talking less and less...and seeing each other less frequently again. it's more than difficult to go through this without him and especially feeling like i just need a breath and he would be the first to hand it to me. luckily, next weekend i'll be going up for a visit AND we'll be going to a Wiz Khalifa concert (soexcitedyoudon'tbelieve). It's part of the 2050 Tour and I absolutely love Wiz. Really, i do. TGOD

so i'm counting the days until this final break until i get to just let it all out. and basically, i feel like the last 5 emojis on the last row. we all love our iphone emojis and i love the new ones even more :|

until next time,

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