Monday, August 20, 2012

silly/funny things

we love absurdities and oddities. just about anything with a "cute" or funny face we personify (I more than he) and completely love. for his going away present and for something cute to remember his lady by i got him two "giant microbes" they're SO funny and cute and perfect as a little present for someone who's going into a medical field. the small plush toy is in the shape of the actual microbe, with a cute "face" on it, and attached information and photos of the microbe. it's a great thing to have and very thoughtful! they're sold in most university bookstores and are available online as well. i definitely recommend them! he loves them and have them on display. he has a stem cell and chlamydia (nothing suggestive! just funny faces- take a look!)

also we love threadless! their t-shirts are just TOO funny and always conversation starters. they always have great promotions and deals and you can even submit your OWN designs!! it's so unique and great. we always throughout the year buy these t-shirts for those "lazy" days when they have their special deals (free shipping, sales, etc.- shop smart!) below are a few that we own! cutes! 

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