Monday, August 13, 2012

Who am I?

So, I'll keep this anonymous for now and see how many ladies out there are feeling or sharing the same experiences I am. I am currently an undergraduate student studying to be an Early Childhood Special Educator. It's been a tumultuous path to reach this decision. I've become entirely invested in my future and career and it is what I want to come first. What I want to be respected for, what and how I want to change the world. 

The basis of this blog will be very simple. A young woman's path to her dream, but also her partner's. Meaning, yes, "Mrs.Dr." I'm in a very warm, kind, safe, loving relationship with the man of my dreams. I never thought this would be me. But one summer (right before I began college) my family decided to take a trip to Costa Rica. This changed my life forever. We met on Herradura Beach. We became the best of friends, then more. We've had a long distance relationship while he attended his undergrad university. Now, we are a much shorter distance but still, long distance.

We have faith in the fact that one day we will see each other every morning and it will be easier but it's all about the sacrifice and love that we are willing to have for one another. The title of my blog comes from the fact that he is now attending Med School. Yes, all you ladies out there- it's barely been a week and I have barely spoken to him. So here I am, hoping to connect and share my (and our) stories of how we will make it through and some tips for anyone going through this. 

I will be Mrs.Dr. X, one day.

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