Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A little more about us...

 Like I mentioned in our "about us", we met in Costa Rica. It was ironic when I was browsing through my iPhone that I had to scroll to the very top. Realizing how long it really has been. I must admit that knowing this, it maintains my faith in continuing to make it work and knowing that one day we will have everything we talk about: our (hopefully) booming careers, beautiful home in the suburbs, our marriage, beautiful children, and a dog! (still working on him for that one) But I hope you enjoy this little "story" about us! :)

she loves bows, stripes, and pink. he loves everything else (mostly her).
welcome again, to our little blog about our lives as a young, long-distance couple. soon to be entering our fourth year together and she is an undergrad, he a med-student. This will prove to be one of the hardest times for us but here, we'll document how we're going to do it all. 
Every time I come across this picture I remember "him." I took this just a few days after meeting and he had then, returned back home and for some crazy reason I could NOT get him out of my head. It was too strange.

So, a few days prior on Herradura beach, being of the same heritage our mothers immediately were drawn to one another. They talked about "us" "the kids" and "where we were from" Ironically, when at our permanent addresses "back at home" we are only about 40 minutes away from one another. 

Fate? I think so.

I was not interested, to say the least. We were pushed into talking and walking on the beach, I merely answered him clearly not realizing his interest, or even, mine. Our families continued to spend time together on our vacation in Costa Rica and upon my return, he was waiting for me to come home. He called just about every day just to "see what I was doing." It was already more than I already had had. 

We became best friends, still the best friend I have ever had (I'm so blessed) and then fell in love. Then, in early September 2009 we decided to try out our desires long-distance. With all of the hesitation and fear in the world... Of course we've had our major ups and downs (and I mean MAJ-OR) but we have always returned to "us" and what we loved and wanted, forever. 

I hope our story intrigues you and you hope to hear more! Happy reading.


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