Tuesday, August 28, 2012

my favorite blogs (currently) & story

As a new blogger I've had some inspiration and some leeway in how to begin and some tips simply by reading and enjoying. I'm thankful to be in and from NY where bloggers cover topics from love and romance (like this) to so many of the strange things in life but everyone loves it! I've been drawn to blogs for years but never quite had the guts to start one of my own. Though, I've had so many ideas for all types of blog topics. For a whole year (January 2011-January 2012) I did a project called "365 Days: A moment in the life..." where I took a photo of a special moment of each day and documented it. I will share it sometime with you once I reveal my actual identity and when perhaps, some more people in my life become aware of this blog. THEN there was that whole phase of me struggling to be a female minority not only in college but in the corporate wold, then I realized how negative the blog would actually be and if my identity were to be revealed for that...I may never get a job again.

But finally, after following my favorite blog "The Rockstar Diaries- Love, taza & husband baby eleanor and kingsley, too" for the last year or so I became so inspired to write about my life, love, and path to my career as it's just..who I am and I've wanted to share my "story" for a while. Also, while growing up I realized all of the struggles that everyone encounters but also the importance of realizing that everyone has these struggles and how you hangle them is the difference. So, I also wanted to share with young girls, girls my age, young guys, guys my age, or anyone to feel the support and have this realization, too.

So...back to tazaandhusband. Their blog is simply about their life and, now, children. I've noted that they've started right before they were married (met in NY where they both attended school) up until now where in the last few years they have gotten married, made a move to D.C., have had two ADORABLE children, and recently just moved back to NYC. I love their style, taza's writing, how she tells her stories, her family, etc. I often tell my boy how much I want to be like them and they're a great model for what I would love someday. He agrees, loves them too but always stresses that we will have our own story and family which is obviously important to remember.

A few of the other blogs that I frequent...

Sarah and the City: "Just a girl with a love for chai tea, red velvet cupcakes, post-it notes, colored pens, and nail polish." I started following this blog when Sarah was planning her wedding. She loves J.Crew and SO DO I. So this is how I first stumbled upon her blog. She has great tips and style for all types of wedding "things" and what girl doesn't think about planning their imaginary wedding?

Undressed Skeleton: Everyone wants a healthy lifestyle but Taralynn McNitt's story and tips make her blog so special to me. Since I've began college I've struggled with my weight and thus appearance. The "freshman 15" extended to the last few years. She is a young woman who has inspired me to live a healthier lifestyle which I am now beginning and her story (read here) is just inspiring and makes me feel that I can do it. She has a feature right now actually, entitled "15 Tips for Healthy Students"...can't wait to get started! 

Suri's Burn Book: The ridiculous/hilarious one. "Just because you don't have a Ferragamo handbag doesn't mean you can behave like a child. (I'm looking at you, Shiloh.)" A "different" form of celeb gossip that I can't help but love. Everyone blogs about..everything. This is just SO darn funny and who doesn't love Suri Cruise, her outfits, her parents' divorce drama, and most importantly her supposed crazy thoughts. I'm dying laughing just thinking about some of thing things "she says."

Happy Reading!

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