Tuesday, August 28, 2012

catch up!

i'm back and ready for action! can't believe little sister is now in college starting her first few days and i'm about to start my senior year. seriously...where did the time go? i think about her a lot and the house is not quite the same without her, at all. i miss her so much. so strange how that happens. we're such different people we've always sort of been in each others' hair and now that she's away and it's only been a few days, we talk nonstop. it's important to me and i'm so very proud of her and where her life will take her and all of her dreams will come true.

since i've been back i've been doing some packing as i will be leaving in just a few days and then also seeing my boy for our three year anniversary (eeep!) it's been hectic. tomorrow will be my last day in nyc and i will surely miss it. 

more later ! XX, Mrs. Dr.

some photos from the weekend travels...

and something silly...

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