Thursday, August 23, 2012

one more week

so this is my final week home on long island, ny (and in NYC). a little bittersweet. 

bitter because i'm going to be a senior. it took me a while to love my college life. it took a lot of adjusting and time to figure out what i wanted to do. then it was difficult to be away from my family and of course, my boy who was a heart-wrenching 3.5 hours away. now, that i am used to the independence, grown up so much, and everything binghamton has to offer. i love the space, the mountains, the valley, the serenity, and everything binghamton has taught me. if i really do graduate in december i will miss everything it has taught me. feels like that always happens, doesn't it? just when you start to love and get used to's about to end. and i must say, change is difficult for me but this was for sure one of the hardest transitions of my life and am proud of the young woman i am today for it. 

sweet because i'm very ready for the next phase in my career. i can't wait to actually be in my field teaching children and changing their lives all for the better. that's one thing i was sure of with my career, no matter where or what i was doing at the time was that i wanted to change the world. and the more i think about it i'm excited and hope i can make so many children's lives better. i have already had a glimpse of that this summer and i could not be happier or more secure in what i want to do. so thankfully, although the path to get here has been very very difficult and sometimes, impossible to handle i am so glad i am here.

xo, Mrs.Dr.

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