Wednesday, August 22, 2012

call me lobstress.

huh? so..being in the culture that I am in, firstly it's HUGE to have a boy in my life "this young" and secondly to be ready and as committed as we are; going onto our fourth year together and as strong as ever. I met my amazing aunt for dinner and we talked all i could with a family member about my relationship. another special moment. i'm so blessed. she was/is so very happy for me and is very supportive of "us" and loves "him." she told me that "i finally found my lobster" (according to Phoebe from "Friends") i was so confused at first then she explained that they mate for life. lobsters are crazy crustaceans (emphasis on the alliteration i used) and i couldn't help but love that! so i told "him" and said that i love him and found my lobster :) he then called me his "lobstress" and i liked it way more than i probably should. i've gotten used to it and like its (somewhat) originality. but what made it even more priceless was when we actually discovered this: "Baby, I told you I was shellfish in the bed." and died laughing. So contrary to popular belief and according to many other sources lobsters do not mate for life. buuuut...i really do enjoy "lobstress" and have been looking for a type of name to dub myself on here. so for now, i'm lobstress (aside from Mrs.Dr.). let's see how long this lasts.

until next time! xo, Mrs.Dr. (lobstress)

on a much funnier note. this was my initial thought when i heard "lobstress." lady gaga's obscene outfit and silver glitzy lobster headpiece. now, that's a lobstress.

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