Wednesday, September 19, 2012

can't sleep

so i can't sleep...what's new? really. i actually tried to sleep early today! was all snuggled by 12:43 am. I counted my sheep and pretended my boy was cuddling me but it's never quite the same. i ended up falling asleep eventually but was then awoken by my grumbly tumbly (heh winnie the pooh) i gave in only because i'm not sure when i'll have time to eat properly's my first day of substitute teaching at the JCC! i sure am excited but also nervous. all of the usual thoughts: will i fit in? will the kids like me? will i be...good? it'll be my first time holding a class on my own and my very first day is with kids in prekindergarten. my favorite age. but if i'm going to do this, i really need to sleep. these kids will suck all of the energy out of me and i'll have all of the fun in the world but MUST SLEEP. c'mon body just let me do it. if my boy sees i'm blogging this late i may get another little scolding (this happens a little too often i realize) so i'll try again. wish me luck! xxoo--lobstress.

how cute are these little guys?! i need a pet.

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