Tuesday, September 18, 2012


so i spent my night "off" watching terrible reality shows, working on grad school applications, reading up for class, and snuggling up in my pjs and bathrobe. a little perfect and a lot relaxing (nothing like what i'm usually used to) turns out i'm definitely glad to have had the day to myself.

... so becoming a self-proclaimed "blogger" is obviously more difficult than i thought. but this shouldn't be  my goal. rather, i do think i'm doing this more for the fun aspect and to just get my (and mostly our) story out there. i had this thought when i was going through my favorite blogger's site: taza and husband from her very beginning. although i obviously didn't read every single post, but still got such an amazing sense of her and her husband's story. i love her and her blog even more now (if it were ever possible) then i stumbled upon this blog Loved Despite Great Faults and loved the way she wrote, her photos, and then made my own photography even more.

i'm excited to write about my own journey and look back at it...soon enough.

until next time,

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