Monday, September 17, 2012

when he's gone...

i was lucky enough to see my boy this weekend since we have a long weekend for the Jewish holiday. all we did was snooze. hey our days go from 8am well into the night because of all of our classes and work. i definitely sleep the best with my boy and i miss him so much so when i'm alone in my bed again :( our weekend together felt soo quick and even MORE luckily i get to see him again this upcoming weekend since my first grad school interview (eeek nervous barf puke nervous) but i finally get to see his place and new stomping ground. (missing our NYC, very much.) 

class work and all of my other activities are proven hard to manage and i get very little sleep and sometimes am a little grumpy so these weekends together definitely help me recuperate and sleep and eat.

speaking of eat, the one time mister and i went out was to The Water Street Brewing Co.. we were very hungry but had awesome food. a great fish fry wrap and a classic grilled chicken sandwich with FRIES, so so yummy. and as a brewery boy had a "cream ale" and i, an Argentinian Malbec (possibly a new fave)! i love discovering new sophisticated drinks (newly 21 and all) 

catching up on some school work and definitely missing my boy sitting beside me doing the same. see you soon, love!

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