Tuesday, September 11, 2012


hello friends! the first week of classes has been BEYOND hectic. it certainly hasn't felt like "senior year" and it definitely feels like it's been MUCH longer than a week at school. I mean, look at the timestamp of this post! nearly 4am...my mister is going to kick my butt if he sees i'm still up.

as the world knows i work tons of jobs and internships. all to stay busy, involved, and build myself. today i woke up bright and early, had a wonderful yoga session, then traveled three hours to NYC for a three hour meeting at work then traveled back here to Binghamton. yes, all in a day and I have an early meeting 'tomorrow' and too much reading for class i need to catch up on. hopefully starting tomorrow i'll be back on my feet and back in touch with all of the many things i need to do.

so for now, this is my little update on my being MIA but i will be back shortly!

xoxo Mrs.Dr.

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