Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the arguments

there are good times and there sure are bad times. all couples have their moments and we have been having lots of "those moments" lately. for all of you other long-distance-ers i commend you. this is not easy by any means and although my boy and i are onto our fourth year, things remain difficult to manage with a distance and all of the added stresses of this time in our life.

he with the beginnings of med school and i on the beginnings of my own path towards grad school/some other type of post graduate work things are hard. also, we're still at that young age (and maybe our culture is to blame) of being very much under our parents' wing and household and i must say is really controlling and difficult to cope with on its own. but with the ideas of settling down and moving on together sometimes it is harder to fathom than ever with realizing this whole path is so real now.

any stressful day i think we unfortunately let some things get the best of us. and there are definitely those times of the tears, fears, and even saying mean things loudly. but when reflecting and stopping right now to think, we can't bear seeing the other like that and always remember that things will be okay and that we are in this, together no matter what issues we have, what adjustments we need to make, and what difficult things are going on.

it was much harder than i realized my adjustment would be towards his going to med school. his life has changed drastically and therefore, mine has too. maybe i was a little naive to think it wouldn't affect me. but i can promise him, myself, and all you readers this is one of the most important things in my life. we do seem and are really happy together. we laugh endlessly til our cheeks, lungs, and eyes hurt and i think beneath every relationship, at the foundation you need to be the best of friends and that's exactly what we are. 

we do work hard, everyday for our future and what we want with each other. the sacrifices and support go each way. a lot of selflessness and great communication is absolutely necessary and everyone needs to be reminded of that. especially long distance, when upset you almost have to make that phone call when you simply want to be left alone. communication is key. 

we celebrate the little things. and we have our times when we just order pizza and drink beer, sitting on the floor watching a crappy tv show in our pjs and those are my favorite times. just be you and have fun with all that you are. i'm not even close to qualified or certain of what the "right thing" is but i do know i love this boy more than i've loved anyone and we met my pure fate, God has blessed me over and over for every moment i have with him and i'm willing to go through it all- together.

i love and miss you, boy.

...psht. like we're this chic.

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