Tuesday, February 12, 2013

our weekend

our weekend unfolded into so much fun. friday we had to brave the blizzard that was coming. we spent the evening just being together relaxing in pjs (don't we all need nights like that) and had the best (and i mean one of the top 3) cuddle sessions...ever. the next day after some studying and schoolwork, we had a fun mall date..destiny usa, nonetheless (my boy even dressed for our "date night"...looks like i wasn't the only one needing it) and spent a little too much money :/ but it's safe to say we've both added a few items to our wardrobe that we now love. we went to a syracuse basketball game and cheered and cheered and also got these funky tail things!!! and finally on sunday night we told the weekend "see ya" to studying and watching the grammy's of course my favorite performance was wiz. (duh.)

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