Tuesday, February 5, 2013

a few of my favorite things around here...

so when i got my mason jars from the thrift store i struggled with thinking about what to put in them. i found these tulips over the weekend and knew i just had to put them in there! nothing like bright flowers to brighten up the apartment with the cold, dreary, snowy weather outside. 

 so anyone who knows me knows i change my iphone case just about every week or two. (yeah..a little excessive, i know) but i do get the cheapest ones on amazon/ebay so maybe that justifies it a bit? anyway i found this orange polka dot case and it's probably lasted the longest than most of my others and i love my phone and ipad more than i probably should but eh whattheheck.

the other mason jar!! hershey kisses. valentines edition. duh. what's more perfect than a candy jar?? exactly. 

ammu and i have been eating grapes by the bunch. no complaints..i really have to be healthier. these aren't the prettiest ones we've bought lately but obviously a favorite thing around here. 

my boy got me this pillow as a house warming present. love him. he says it's my motto..which is probably true: "if it's worth doing...it's worth overdoing." and also a dog on it! we're dying for a little friend (i hope we get mr. fitz soon) anyway this is the perfect addition to our little couch and living room and i can assure you it's being used well :)

my boy's amazing dinners he makes for us. i'm still loving and getting used to being together just about every day and i really love his cooking..really adorable how much he loves it. we're so blessed to finally have each other. 

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