Wednesday, January 23, 2013

thrift store finds!

!!!!!! i made one of the most amazing discoveries today. thrift shopping. (and no, i do not mean that awkward macklemore song :D) i was walking around doing some errands (although it was below 0 degrees out today eeeegghh) and found these adorable mason jars for just 99 cents!! how could i not get them?! have bene dying for mason jars (most likely to decorate with) and this was the perfect place to find them. i went to 3fifteen at the Marshall Square Mall on University Ave. they had SO many neat things to decorate with, vintage clothing, vases, baskets, shoes, mirrors, jewelry, and even amazing furniture. (i felt like all of my desired creations from pinterest could happen from the store and very uniquely yet cheaply) what i think i love most about 3fifteen though, is that their profits all go to the Rescue Mission, who feed, shelter, and clothe those in need. absolutely amazing. 

i definitely think i will return soon and let you guys know what else i get!! makes me feel great that i can enjoy these items but also give back :) hope you can all find something that makes you feel this way.

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