Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 14th?

i think this may be the first year of my entire life that i actually care about February 14th. even when being with my boy for a while i always found (and still do) the holiday (valentine's day, that is) very commercial and full of "fake" romances and where people found an excuse "not to be lonely" but maybe knowing i'll finally be with my boy on the actual day makes me excited. not to mention all the amazing pinterest boards of valentine's decorations, baking recipes, the color red which i have a new obsession just all makes me more excited for valentine's day than i've ever been. 

ironically (of course), ammu is just not having it this year. he's always been so excited, trying to get me excited for it, and with tons of special plans but maybe with the heat of a new place that's much harder to get around than nyc and with me crawling asking him about any surprises it's a little different for him this year, as well. we did make plans to go for a super Japanese dinner (WOOOO!..super excited) and i'm just happy to have my boy, every day which is what i've always longed for. cheesy but true...we really don't need a day for showing how we feel about one another. 

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