Saturday, January 12, 2013


so going on with the weekend challenge... #1 is now complete! "try something new" the word "new" has been used over and over again this past week with my new apartment, city, and so on but last night ammu and i went to Laci's Tapas Bar.

it. was. amazing. and that is an understatement! the service was incredible...we even made jokes of wanting get to know the staff there better and we easily concluded that we'd like it to be our new "spot" here, in Syracuse. the tapas were also perfectly sized, were delectable, and were some of the best things i have ever tasted. boy and i shared the lobster ravioli, lamb chops with apple-mint chutney, and the garlic chicken flatbread. the items on the menu were so unique and perfect for anyone wanting to try any type of new food. i would 100% recommend Laci's and it was so funny that we literally stumbled upon them when looking up "food" on our iPhone map, so we also surprised ourselves.

the space was so, so cozy and great and i regret not bringing my camera to take and show you some pics!! but i promise we'll return soon, and when we do there'll be a photo-overload ;)

 *all photos from Laci's Tapas Bar website.

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