Sunday, January 13, 2013

weekend challenge: doing something for myself

and now #3! all weekend i've been decorating and prepping my apartment and it's finally all unpacked and the decorating is gradually coming together. this is something that's definitely doing something for myself. i'm loving my apartment more and more and am excited to have the next chapter of my life here. :)

thought this was the perfect place for this piece and very appropriate for this time (please excuse the unmade bed, rarely like this...i swear!)

so my mantle is now another step closer to being done. i thought the black, white, and red theme was perfect (inspired by my piece from China) and it looks great so far. found the awesome red frame from Target for $1! that place is incredible! definitely going back for some other home decor stuff! (also need to print some new pics- one for the red frame!)

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