Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ammu & Nanda Bear

as i keep trying to find a nickname to call myself and to call my boy, i figured at this point i might as well just address us as what we call each other. 

soo..i call him "ammu." i don't think we're sure where it comes from at all but it's the only thing i ever call him and it's also his name in my phone. i love my ammu and i'm sure that will last forever.

aaand i'm nanda bear. again this whole thing may be giving away my identity but whatever happens...happens. so it comes from "panda bear" and he also calls me Nanda. just cute little nicknames that i've come to get used to and love. it's really strange when he calls me my actual name (which is usually when he's upset with me :/)

so i think from now on this is how i will address each other as "lobstress"clearly never stuck... oops!

*really missing warm, exciting weather nowadays i would love to walk around NYC and find flowers and cool foods in fun outfits just enjoying the outdoors... it's only January so we have a while for that :|

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