Friday, January 11, 2013

in my new apartment...

it's been crazy and busy adjusting to my new apartment and town of Syracuse. tons and tons of unpacking, getting ready for school, and so many errands that i have no idea what i would have done without my car! all in all i'm well and it's been amazing to finally have my boy nearby. i finally get to see him everyday, make him dinner, and sleep together every night. things that made me realize that 3+ years long distance was worth waiting for. i love you, boo.

it's been so irritating to have to unpack then organize then clean and all over again the other day (with school stuff and errands all day long)! i stay rest assured that it'll all be organized and ready soon and that i'll beginning grad school in just a few short days, now...i'm secretly terrified.

here are the three of my favorite things around here...
ONE. gulgula! a great, Guyanese (which boy and i both are) dessert! it's like a small doughnut, very yummy and right from home :) we both brought an assortment of Guyanese/home treats (milo being among them) and have been feasting on it all. it's a little sad to have this here in the beginning but a bit nice, too.

TWO. insomnia. cookies. 'nuff said. my boy brought them home for me today (2 amazing choco chip cookies! nom!) they're so soft, moist, gooey, and perfect. find the nearest near you and get there STAT. actually...wait they deliver!!!! they're so worth it and was the perfect ending to my day. *thank you, boy.

THREE. these pieces of art are the only two that are decorating this place right now. the piece on the left is created by one of my best friends who is a design major and so, so artsy and creative. this is perfect for us as we've had the dream to be in NYC, together some day being working young women! with the text "GO GET IT," i feel and see her love and encouragement everyday. Thank you SO much, love! and beside that is my name written in Chinese :) I got this when I was in Shanghai last year and it was incredible, a trip of a lifetime. (p.s./hint: this is probably a give away of my identity :|)

...of course two of the three of those are food. but i love food...especially the sweet-not-so-healthy-fattening ones :/ but those are always the best, aren't they?! anyways, more updates on my new life soon! by the way, have you noticed my new 50mm f/1.8 II camera lens?! i love it!!!!

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