Saturday, December 1, 2012've been good to us.

so my boy is here for his last visit in binghamton...ever. so strange that it's the last one before i graduate which is just two weekends away now (omg). he's sound asleep after a very long day and big med school exam. also, in honor of movember he has shaved his god awful mustache (sayonara!).

anyways, binghamton you've been so good to us during my time here. you've certainly taught us what a real winter is like, what "upstate NY" living was like, and you've brought us together in ways i never thought i could be close to someone. i really can't believe all the times we've spent here...good and bad i love them all.

never thought i'd say this.. but we promise to visit. how could we not? thank you, for everything binghamton.

photos: {Jonathan Cohen}

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