Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12 days until graduation

guys..it's really settling in now. less than two weeks until graduation. as close as it feels i still can't believe it. i think that now more than ever i'm wishing there was just a little bit more time left. especially with my boy being here this past weekend we reminisced of all of the times we had here and how binghamton will never quite be the same for me (or us) again.

i think that change has always been difficult for me...especially moving from phase to phase (high school to college, for instance or changing majors..one too many times for me) but i think that one thing that college has shown me or perhaps something i'm just used to now is that change is constant and at this point in my life all of these changes are good things. i'm really embracing this change from undergrad to grad, moving to Syracuse (someplace i never really thought i'd be..but am blessed it happened this way), embarking on a career path i finally am 100% sure is perfect for me, and so much more i'm sure.

it's funny how all of this landed in my lap. in august, beginning the semester i had no idea if i'd be graduating, or if early childhood really was my niche, if i did get into grad school where i would be...and the list goes on. i've come to enjoy these really quick-paced changes. it's even thrilling (and a little crazy) to think that in a few months things could be completely different.

but like i said i'm excited but also really sad about leaving this place. as much as i've bashed it and tried to escape sometimes, it's been one of the most amazing times in my life and the ways in which i've grown in a personal level, i couldn't have done it without you bing. i love you even though i never want to admit it.,

and to you, i'm glad that i've started this blog so that i can share these changes with you and hope to support you through my experiences.


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