Thursday, November 1, 2012

the frankenstorm

Hope you all had a calming Halloween (especially after the stress here in NY). I can relate to this as my hometown on Long Island has been demolished and support is needed from everywhere. My parents are still without power, their home, and one of their cars. Although they've faired well compared to homes on the Bay who have completely lost their houses, it hurts to be so far away at a time like this. Not to mention my city, NYC and friends and family there who are still suffering through major loss. I hope for all the best for everyone and can't wait to go home to support everyone and everything. For anyone who may want to contribute to Hurricane Relief, please see the link as it has ways anyone can contribute and also some heart-wrenching photos of the destruction.

To all of you who have been affected, may recovery be swift, may support be abundant, and may your family and friends be safe.

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