Tuesday, November 6, 2012

everyone...meet Chloe

Chloe has been displaced from her house in New Jersey after the terrible storm and she is now my best friend! She's actually my room mate's dog but spending the weekend with her has been more than wonderful. Now...I want a dog more than ever and not to mention since boy was up here this weekend he, too fell in love with her. She's just so perfect and loves people food (especially turkey bacon- LIKE ME!), wears a sweater (pink, argyle nonetheless), loves the height of the window in our apartment to people-watch, and her little tude is more than anyone can handle. She left today and I must say, it's the saddest longing I've felt for a while, the little pitterpatter of her feet, knowing she just wants to be with you, it's just so unconditional and he has certainly agreed to a dog (as long as it's a bulldog, he says) so cute to see him with her... anyway look at her little face! How can you (or anyone) resist?!

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