Tuesday, November 20, 2012

gratitude, part II

things i'm thankful for around my (two) homes...

1/  the fact that i have two! i guess that's the perk of being in college. i have my apartment in binghamton that's all mine and full of my independence but i have my hometown home where i can always return to for those days i need home food and the love and comfort of where i grew up and soon i'll be moving into my very own vintage apartment in syracuse which i couldn't be more excited for

2/ cleaning endlessly. i guess living with friends you realize just how different everyone's habits are. my friends joke that i'm the "mom" of the apartment and clean up after everyone (which i really should stop doing) but i love cleaning and feeling like everywhere is clean and mine!

3/ my big comfy bedS! i'm lucky enough that i have two! and i love them both and love when i get to sleep in them. ahhhh

4/ returning to my family every time i'm in baldwin. there's really no place like home. whenever i'm getting sick of binghamton or overwhelmed with life...going home is the perfect thing for me. and boy the food is amazing. (thanks, mom!)

a typical night. homework, reading, chai latte, 
my favorite blue pen, lappy, and of course a pumpkin.

what about your home(s) are you thankful for?

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