Monday, December 31, 2012

my special 2012

this year has been filled with changes- both good and bad but so many life-changing ones. probably most importantly, my ending of my undergraduate career at binghamton university and next year starting at syracuse. i'm so so blessed and thankful for so much of the support i've received in making it to this point and proud of myself for making it! and i'm excited for what 2013 will bring for me.

i've started my little blog here a little later in 2012 (august) i can assure you that 2012 will be one of the most memorable of my entire life. and although the one thing i truly dislike about NYE is the reflection of the year past and looking forward to the year to come...i'm going to try it:

a few reasons why 2012 is so special..
- i brought in 2012 while in one of the most amazing countries in the world: China
- i had a very special belated valentines dinner with my boy (surprise, candlelight, homemade, three coures) i'm so very thankful for him
- i embraced my life and what i wanted it to be and made the very wonderful decision to start a career in early childhood special education
- i've made so many special friends this year, ones who will always be in my life and who i am so blessed to have. i love you all and i'm looking forward to even more friends i'll be making in Syracuse!
- i've made the very interesting decision to grow my hair
- had a wonderful vacation with my family to Punta Cana, DR
- watched my amazing boy graduate from NYU at Yankee Stadium
- watched my little sister graduate from high school (so proud of you sissy)
- watched my baby sister's dream come true (going to India and meeting Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda)
- Ammu and I had our very first vacation together to Los Angeles
- became a great believer in "don't sweat the small things"
- started my little blog: Mrs.Dr.!
- had a third-year anniversary with my boy
- re-discovered turkey bacon (oh em gee)
- lived in my first apartment
- made the decision to graduate college a semester early
- made the decision to go to graduate school
- fell in love (even more) with Wiz Khalifa
- Obama was reelected
- started baking again as much as i love
- graduated from college :)
- got my first car!!!!
- moved into my second apartment
- stood up for myself in the best ways possible

looking forward to 2013 because...
- i start graduate school at Syracuse University
- i get to make some more (grad school) friends!
- Ammu and I begin the next chapter of our relationship not being long distance !!!!
- learn more about my special dslr/photography
- getting a new 50mm 1.8 lens to help me with that :)
- i will have my first very own apartment (with a beautiful fireplace!)
- do something cool with my hair
- start my career!!!
- start exercising more and become in tune with my fitness
- continue to do yoga for my mind, body, and soul!
- explore a new city and school!
- get closer to complete independence!

bring it, 2013! i'm ready for ya!

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