Monday, November 19, 2012

mistakes are always okay

i used to be terrified of every and any mistake possible. and i think i have a lot of that to blame on my upbringing and then not allowing myself to ever make those mistakes. i've sincerely learned as i've become more independent and grown up that they really are okay.. i would not be the person i am today and although i have my good and bad days i'm proud fo who i have become. i have worked so hard and tirelessly to break away and be "me" i'm still working very hard at it and don't think i've perfected it, as yet but i'd like to get as close to it as possible.

i still make mistakes and feel that embarrassment and guilt initially but soon after (and maybe after some  convincing from my boy) it really is okay and there has been so much throughout my life that if i could get up from, that i could do it again. and how bad could it really be?

i think that people (including myself) focus way too much on what other people think and that's a major flaw in our society as a whole. you should want to be happy for you. you should want to look and feel beautiful for you. you should study what you want to and follow the career path of your choice. and again, i'm still working on all of these things myself but i think that once you have that determination to want that for yourself, you will slowly but surely be able to achieve it. i believe it. and i believe in you.

mistakes mean that you're trying and as long as you keep learning and growing, they are okay. and when you have that moment of "feeling dumb" after make yourself some tea or hot chocolate and eat a brownie...always makes everything better ;)


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